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The client lies fully clothed, face up on the table while Paul reestablishes the flow of energy throughout the body by placing his hands on specific points which run along the energy pathways. This can be done in my downtown office or your home. The initial session runs about one and a half hours and sessions after that are about an hour, depending upon the client's needs. Sessions also include instruction on JSJ self-help holds which give the client the opportunity to learn to feel and manage their own energy.

Pricing: $60/session; $150/3 pack of sessions, which expire 30 days after purchase. Cash or checks are accepted.

I'm located at Arrowhead Place - 205 West 2nd Street, Suite 307, Duluth, MN 55802.

Any open parking spot in the back of the building that is not marked for a specific organization can be used by Arrowhead Place clients. Entering the building from the parking lot lands you on the 2nd floor. Turn left by H&R Block and use the elevator or stairs to get to Suite 307. There is also metered parking on the street. After entering the front of the building, take a right towards the elevator or stairway to find me on the 3rd floor.

If I come to you, it's a $15 travel fee in the Twin Ports.

If you'd like an appointment or have any questions about JSJ, please contact me directly at 218-600-9710.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!